Fraternal Organizations. Churches, Schools and Government

in the RUBY, ALASKA Mining District

Including the towns of Ruby, Long and Poorman

1907 - WW2

Fraternal Organizations and clubs

In the mining camps and towns of Alaska during the gold rush men often banded together in clubs, or brotherhoods. This was the case in the Ruby mining district as well.

Eagles   Ruby  1912   

Ruby Commercial Club (source P 30)            

Free Masons   First Masonic Ball in Ruby at Arcadian Hall. 1911 (Source P 39).

Moose Lodge #1428    Poorman 1914, 1915, 1917

Pioneers of Alaska Igloo #5   In 1925 bought a building in Ruby and named it "Pioneer Hall."  Some 415 men were members (P 51)

Kennel Club (Source Appendix 3)



Catholic Mass was first celebrated in Ruby in August 1912 by Fr. Hormisdas Ferron, S.J., in the home of Mr. Henry Lovely. In September of that year, Fr. Ferron baptized the first boy born in Ruby whose name is Thomas Devane. In 1913 Fr. Julius Jetté, S.J., bought a house lot with a one story frame building on it and converted the building into a church and priest quarters. (Ref). 1915 Rev A Desjardins (source).

1915 Presbyterian Church. Rev Ernest Bradshaw (source).



Ruby had a one room school house run by the Territory of Alaska (Source P 30). 1915(source).


Ruby Jail 1911 (source P 27)


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