J. F. A. Strong—Governor and Journalist.

James Wickersham—Delegate to Congress.

Dan Sutherland—Delegate to Congress.

E. L. Bartlett--Delegate to Congress.

A. J. Dimond—Delegate to Congress.

S. Hall Young, Rev.—Missionary Service.

Bishop Rowe—Missionary Service.

Bishop Crimont—Missionary Service.

Sheldon Jackson—Missionary Service.

Charles E. Bunnell—President Univ. of Alaska.

Sidney Lawrence—Artist.

Eustos P. Zeigler—Artist.

Jules Dahlager—Artist.

Jack London—Author.

Rex Beach—Author.

Barrett Willoughby—Author.

Herbert H. Hilscher—Public Relations.

Father Duncan—Metlakatla Missionary.

Carl Ben Eielson— Pioneered Aviation in Alaska.

Joe Crossen—Aviation.

Harold Gillam—Avjation.



Capt. Austin Lathrop Industrialist.

John Reck—Banking.

Lula Fairbanks—Publicity.

Henry R. Harriman— Coal and Oil Explorations.

Alfred Brooks— U.S. Geological Explorations

Dr. J. H. Romig— Early Medical Missionary Work

E. C. Hawkins— Railroad Construction.

M. J. Heney— Railroad Construction.

Colonel Richardson— Richardson Highway Construction.

Fred A. Hansen— Railroad Engineering.

Will A. Steel— Journalist and Publisher.

Everett Pettijohn— Publisher.

Sydney Charles— Journalist and Publisher.

H. G. McCain— Jurist and Educator.

W. H. Caswell —Pioneer Druggist.

Cecil Clegg—Jurist.

Simon Hellenthal—Jurist.

Thomas Donohue—Jurist.

Henry Roden—Jurist.

M. D. Snodgrass— Agriculturist.

Antonia Polet— Trader

Frank B. Lazier— Early Transportation.


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